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It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the fantastic relationships we’ve developed with recruitment agencies and recruiters. Here’s some of the testimonials that we have received.

Mark from National Locums says;

Crystal Umbrella consistently provide excellent customer service, we have always been pleased with the level of service we have received. NL Group have achieved real efficiencies by using Crystal Umbrella, this has enabled us to concentrate on growing our business. The overall experience is very positive and the reason we have worked with Crystal Umbrella for a number of years.

Lzetwicia from Merton Council says;

I was previously registered with another umbrella company who I found difficult to get in touch with if I needed to discuss anything with them. It would take over 2 days to get a problem resolved! I had come across Crystal when they contacted me to get a contract signed for someone who's services I wished to commission. Their interaction and correspondence were extremely polite and professional. I was very impressed with the "human touch" offered by Crystal as I was tired and mistrusting of the virtual services provided by my previous umbrella company. I couldn't wait to move over to Crystal! My AM is thorough and professional and I am very happy with Crystal Umbrella. Well done, Crystal - one less thing for me to worry about during my stressful day!

Michele from Herts Drivers says;

Since we have been dealing with Crystal Umbrella, we have always found them to be efficient and prompt in all correspondence and the staff very polite and helpful. Our drivers in particular, past and present have all commented on how helpful their advisers have been and how quickly queries they may have are dealt with. We are very happy with the service from Crystal Umbrella and would recommend them highly.

Robert from Insight Recruitment says;

We have had a good experience with Crystal Umbrella who are very prompt at dealing with things with very competent staff and good customer care. They are able to pay contractors on the Friday after the week worked - where competitors seem to pay in the following week.

Neville from Kenyon Block says;

My experience with Crystal Umbrella has generally been very positive. They are quick to respond and easy to work with so we are happy to refer contractors to them.

Sandeep from Arrows Group Healthcare says:

My experiences of dealing with Crystal Umbrella have been very good, I have a great working relationship with my Contractor Account Manager who provides me with all the up to date information I require, ensuring contractors are kept happy and most importantly paid correctly within timescales. From feedback received from our contractors I have found Crystal to be excellent at explaining and arranging the whole process involved with joining an umbrella company which can be a daunting process for some of our nurses. I have found the level of all round service provided to be very helpful especially when issues arise that require immediate resolve which is what I would generally expect from an organisation such as Crystal.

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