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The Cost

We know exactly what you are thinking, we can see it on your face, 'a service like this must cost the earth', but it actually doesn't, honest! What's more, the small contribution you make to take advantage of our service is completely tax deductible, which makes it even more attractive. How much better can it get?

There are no additional charges for setting up or closing down your account and we have a strict no work, no fee policy, so for the weeks you are on holiday or between assignments you don't pay a penny.

So what are these fees, we hear you ask? We don't charge a fee, as such, but retain a small administration contribution from the gross funds received from your agency/client, before calculating your taxable income. Which makes the cost even less to you, compared to charging a fee and deducting this from your net salary, after any payroll deductions.

Crystal Umbrella The Cost

So there you have it, for roughly the price of a pint of beer, a couple of litres of petrol each day or a monthly trip to the hairdresser; Crystal offers you an affordable and efficient service, which in the long run, could actually save you money.

BACS and Same Day Payments

All processed payments are transferred to you by BACS, as standard and funds arrive in your account - just two working days after processing. However, we also understand that there are times when even this just isn't quick enough, so whether it's an emergency or you need extra funds for a holiday or special occasion, we can offer an optional same day payment.

As you might expect, due to the additional costs we incur when completing same day payments we have to pass on a small administration contribution to you of £20 for each such transaction.

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