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We at Crystal understand that, especially when you are just starting out, contracting can seem like a minefield, with the dark shadow of legislation hanging over everything you do. Even for a seasoned contractor, keeping up to date with all the paperwork is a time consuming, but essential chore that has to be completed at the end of each working day. That's why we're here to help ensure you make the right choices, by giving you the best advice possible based on your individual circumstances.

Currently, over 1.4 million people in the UK enjoy the flexibility, strategic career progression and financial rewards contracting and freelancing offer. Our extensive range of benefits are designed to allow you to concentrate on keeping your contract successful, yet still give you the freedom to enjoy your hard earned leisure time. We think you should be able to concentrate on enjoying your favourite sporting activity or hobby, or just simply relaxing with the family, rather than having to spend your evenings working through seemingly endless piles of paperwork, sorting out expenses and trying to keep up with your accounts. Looking on the brighter side, imagine sitting back and relaxing in front of the TV while our dedicated team of friendly and experienced contractor management personnel take care of everything for you.

The frontline team here at Crystal are supported by a range of specialist departments, each staffed by professionals with years of experience in all the relevant areas including; Tax, Payroll, Credit Control, Finance, Sales, Administration, Compliance, Management and HR, to name but a few. The sole aim of all these experts is to ensure you are paid accurately and on time, while keeping you within the strict guidelines set by HM Revenue & Customs.

How we can help you

  • 1st Class customer support - a single point of contact for all contractors by way of a Account Manager, with access to their direct telephone number and email address.
  • Ultra fast processing - we run multiple payrolls every day. Processing starts as soon as soon as we receive a remittance, which allows us to provide you with the fastest payment cycle on the market.
  • All eventualities covered - we provide a Professional Insurance package of £20m. That equates to £5m Professional Indemnity, £10m Employers Liability and £5m Public and Product Liability.
  • Full employment rights - you receive statutory benefits such as statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay, along with additional benefits such as access to a company pension.
  • Compliant budgeted expense processing - we help guide you through the expenses minefield by advising you which you can and can't claim. We will ensure you maintain the highest level of compliance at all times.
  • Reduced paperwork - our simple, easy-to-use, online Web Portal is open 24/7, so at any time of the day or night you can securely submit your timesheets, budgeted expenses, keep track of contracts, invoicing, payroll and those all important payments. You can even sign your contract of employment online. All you have to do is logon.
  • Health, Wealth & Happiness - is maintained by a range of discounted Financial, Health and Well-being products and services, each specifically tailored to meet your needs as a contractor or freelancer.
  • Tax efficient nest egg - provided by the optional Crystal pension scheme. Efficiently save for your future whilst at the same time reducing your current tax liability. For every £100 invested, you pay just £52 and the taxman pays the rest.
  • FREE SMS pay alerts - the moment your payroll is completed we'll text details of your payment directly to you and tell you when it will be deposited in your bank account.
  • Employee support - Our CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified team of HR professionals are on hand to help and advise with any queries, concerns or issues affecting your employment.

These are just a few examples of our key benefits, because each Crystal contractor receives a slightly different service. Every one of you is unique and that's the way we promise to treat you, as we work together to look at your individual circumstances.

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