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Billing Cycle

Central to the service we offer is our unique Billing Cycle which runs continuously so that no matter when funds are received from your agency, they are processed and paid to you within 12 hours of receipt.

Unlike most Umbrella’s we also process remittances, this basically means we will begin processing funds to you 1 day earlier than any other Umbrella as long as your client or agency can supply an official remit detailing the payment is on its way.

The two distinct billing cycles we currently process are:

  1. Standard – Where the timesheet from you starts the entire billing process, triggering our invoice to your agency / client.
  2. Self-Billing - Where your agency or client do not actually need an invoice from us and will send us a self-bill invoice along with your payment. To operate this agencies and clients may require that you send them a timesheet or similar notification of the hours you have worked. We simply process whatever payment arrives in our bank.

Here are the steps we will follow in each of the above Billing Cycle types. Make the numbers red and place a line between each point so not as heavy.

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