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When you take the decision to work with Crystal Umbrella you can say goodbye to all the daily administration and hassle often associated with contracting. However, in order for us to function efficiently in the background, there are a few things we need you to do for us.

Although your responsibilities are few, they are actually quite important, because if the information you provide us with is inaccurate or delayed our entire processing system will inevitably be adversely affected.

There are four golden rules we ask you to abide by:

  • Provide the necessary Registration Documents upon joining
  • Provide regular, timely and accurate timesheets
  • Provide regular, timely and accurate expense claims (best practise is to submit these within a day or two of the corresponding timesheet)
  • Provide evidence, in the form of expense receipts where required

If the above information is supplied in a timely and accurate manner, we have everything we need to fully maintain your account. We will then be able to pay you accurately, on time and as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to read about each of the above points in a little more detail, check out the sections below.

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