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Crystal Umbrella can ensure that your contractors meet their tax obligations. By placing them under contract with Crystal Umbrella, you can be 100% confident that tax and National Insurance requirements are met.

Ensuring HMRC Compliance

When your recruitment company works with contractors, HMRC requires that they operate in full compliance with regulations. This is a serious responsibility – enough to cause anyone sleepless nights. How confident are you that every contractor you work with is paying the right taxes and National Insurance contributions?

HMRC has the right to inspect every contractor file on your books and can demand that you disclose full details. If any one of them is underpaying, you could be financially liable for their tax evasion or fraud.

Aside from the cost implications, this can result in significant damage to your reputation, impacting your relationship with existing clients and your ability to win new ones.

Using Crystal Umbrella

With Crystal Umbrella, you can mitigate risk and rest assured that HMRC compliance is taken care of. We use a PAYE payment system that guarantees 100% compliance. On top of that, we also carry the burden of employment liability, so in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, the buck stops with us.

Why Use Crystal?

There are other umbrella companies out there, but Crystal Umbrella did not become the market leader by accident. Here are just a few of the reasons businesses turn to us before the rest:

  • Fast and hassle-free set up
  • No entry or exit fees
  • BACS and Same day payments available
  • 24/7 access to our easy to use online portal
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple daily payroll processing
  • £20m comprehensive insurance package
  • 100% focus on compliance keeping you and your contractors safe and secure
  • Claim fixed HMRC allowable expenses at year end via a P87
  • Full statutory employment rights
  • A Workplace pension scheme

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About Us

Crystal Umbrella was established in 2008, and has grown to become the UK’s #1 PAYE umbrella company, as voted for by contractors themselves at freelancesupermarket.com.

Our company employs around 50 staff and partners with some of the most respected enterprises in the UK. Working closely with businesses, agencies and recruiters, we supply employment management services to over 15,000 contractors.

As well as providing top-quality support, our mission is to make the management and administration of your contractors as smooth and trouble-free as possible, with 100% HMRC compliancy.

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