Politics and the Future of Umbrella Companies

An umbrella company is a company that employs individuals for a set fee. Many of these companies have a wide range of jobs and do not pay income tax. As such, the UK Umbrella Company Act 2010 is [...]

What Are Expenses?

Expenses are regular payments a business makes towards ongoing business operations. They directly affect a company’s profitability ratio, which measures whether revenues exceed expenses. [...]

What to Expect From an HMRC PAYE Investigation

Having a sound understanding of how HMRC PAYE works is crucial for the operation of a small business. The main purpose of an investigation is to check whether a business is compliant with the [...]

When is it a good idea to work with an Umbrella Company?

A good place to start if you’re new to contracting is with an Umbrella Company. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with an Umbrella Company? In this blog we [...]

Benefits of Using an Umbrella Company

Many contractors do not know that they can benefit from using an umbrella company in the UK. It is easy to register, and once you do, you can start earning money within minutes. The payroll [...]

Umbrella companies must react or face closure!

Change Ahead For Umbrella Industry