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CIS (Construction industry Scheme)

With all payroll, compliance and risk are hand in hand. If the worker is registered for CIS, it doesn’t mean he is self-employed and would pass a status test.

Crystal can help you by assessing your workforce to ensure that your workers are classified correctly and paid under the correct status, whether PAYE, Self employed or Ltd.

Crystal’s payroll is registered as CIS so its workers can operate within the construction scheme.

Using CIS

If you are simply looking for a professional company to process payroll on your behalf, then Crystal has dedicated payroll terms ready and waiting. We can assist with the preparation of payroll information through to running the weekly/monthly payroll and submitting all reporting requirements.

Having payroll run through a bureau frees up finance and HR professionals to focus on other important aspects of their jobs whilst being flexible enough to work with you to find the most efficient method to suit your requirements.

Why Crystal

Experience and dedication to the industry places Crystal at the leading edge of compliance. Working with all the associations, and HMRC policy we ensure we remain up to date and at the forefront of the industry.

The Benefits

  • Free of charge workforce review (whether you have 1 worker or 1,000)
  • Free Contract review & advice
  • Cash flow retention on PAYROLL – payments attract 20% deduction giving cashflow benefit to you the client.
  • Choice of umbrella company.
  • Assistance with self employed payments.
  • Accountancy services provided to workers (if required)
  • 100% compliant with HMRC

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Personal Service

Here at Crystal, your customer experience is essential to what we do. When you join Crystal, we appoint a dedicated account manager to provide you with a single point of contact. You also have access to the “My Crystal” web portal, which enables you to see and understand where you are every step of the way.

100% Compliant

At Crystal, we take compliance very seriously. We ensure that pay meets with all employment and tax legislation and also any sector-specific regulations. We engage with our employment and tax specialists to ensure that we are and remain up to date.

We undertake an annual inspection from Professional Passport, who look at all our processes and certificate that we are UK-based and that all our processes are robust and compliant.

We are also a full member of the PRISM trade body and an Associate Member of FCSA, committing to compliance and their code of conduct.

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