Guidance on employing refugees and asylum seekers

In the world of contracting there are many benefits both to employers and workers from taking on the more flexible approach this offers to both parties. With the present crisis within Syria and the pending influx of migrants into Europe, many employers are looking at ways in which to tap into this new, often highly skilled resource. For those already set up to work as a contractor, this emergence of a new talent pool might seem a threat to the current level of opportunities in the marketplace, so an understanding of the bigger picture is essential. The UK Border Agency recently issued new guidance highlighting the difference in status between refugees and other foreign nationals in the UK. Often this type of Home Office documentation is overlooked both by employers and workers as many eel that it doesn’t apply to them now or is unlikely to in the future. However, just as employers not being aware of the differences can cause them problems in various ways, contractors should be aware that in many cases refugees, asylum seekers and other migrant workers have exactly the same employment rights as a UK citizen. The most important thing for everyone to bear in mind is that employing migrants is not a way of sourcing cheap labour, simply because of the fact that they are given the same level of protection as British workers. However, many skilled and experienced foreign workers also have much to offer the UK economy as a whole and society in general. ACAS has provided guides to assist employers wishing to take on migrants, the details of which are on their website. For existing contractors, especially hose using an umbrella company, it should be remembered that being the right person for the right job is the most important thing and so being involved in a busier job market sector should not be a concern as long as you have your own skills and knowledge to put to good use.

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