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Joining Crystal Umbrella

Working through an umbrella company offers an ideal first step into contracting, without all the hassle and responsibility of paperwork. If you join us at Crystal, we’ll be with you all the way, with employment support and benefits that are second to none.

We’ll handle your administrator for you, calculating your tax and NI contributions and making payments to HMRC. At the same, you’ll be paid swiftly and accurately, and there will always be someone available to talk to if you have any queries or concerns.

“Remember, not all Umbrella Companies are created equal, Crystal will pay budgeted Travel and subsistence as a weekly part of your agreed payment package”

What is an Umbrella Company

What is an umbrella Company?

Whether you’re new to contracting or are an old hand, an umbrella company such as Crystal is an extremely simple option if you can’t face all the hassle, admin, tax issues, stress and responsibility of running your own Ltd company.

In simple terms, an umbrella company acts as an employer for independent contractors who work under temporary contracts, very often through an employment agency, but also directly with end clients.

As a Crystal employee, you really will be looked after. We take care of all the nasty bits like; invoicing, chasing and collecting your hard earned cash from your agency or end client, calculating your Tax and NI contributions at source and process any legitimate budgeted business expenses as part of your payment structure. We do all this, so you can be sure your payments are calculated correctly and you are completely protected and compliant.

Umbrella Companies like Crystal are brilliant at offering contractors a first-class work-life balance; as they take away the bulk of the stressful and time consuming administration, paperwork and hassle that’s often associated with running your own company, without losing the financial benefit this style of working provides.

Crystal Umbrella is fast gaining a reputation for being the safest and most reliable choice for both contractors and agencies alike. Here are just a few reasons why:

How Crystal work

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Why Crystal?

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Crystal Benefits

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  All income is processed and paid through PAYE, based on HMRC guidelines.


You can be certain that all your legal, contractual and tax obligations are being taken care of by us.


 We’ll advise you on what business expenses you can legitimately budget for.


 Your dedicated Account Manager is there to assist you every step of the way.


 You will always be paid quickly, accurately and on time.


 You will be covered by our Professional Indemnity and Employers/Public Liability insurance package.


100% Compliant

100% Compliant

At Crystal we take compliance very seriously. We ensure that pay meets with all employment and tax legislation and also any sector specific regulations. We engage with our employment and tax specialists to ensure we are and remain up to date.

In addition, we undertake an Annual inspection from Professional Passport who look at all our processes and certificate that we are UK based and all our processes are robust and compliant.

In addition, we are full members of PRISM trade body and an Associate member of FCSA committing to compliance and their code of conduct.

Personal service

Personal service

Here at Crystal your customer experience is essential to what we do. When you join Crystal we appoint a dedicated account manager to provide you with a single point of contact and this together with access to your “My crystal” portal enables you to see and understand where you are every step of the way.

Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses

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