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Payslips Explained

Getting your head around your payslip can sometimes appear difficult, so we have worked hard to ensure that the new style payslip is easy to understand.

Your new payslip will now contain the following details to help keep you informed at each payroll:

Page 1: Pay Advice

The first page of your payslip is your pay advice. Here you can see all the important payment figures, plus a few helpful extra's:

  • Total payments, reimbursed expenses & deductions
  • Total Pay
  • A list of all payments made in the payslip period
  • Method of payment (BACS or same day payment)

Page 2: Project, Time & Expense Analysis

The second page of your payslip is breakdown. Here you can see all elements that make up your take home pay:

  • Project Analysis: gross pay, management contribution & billable expense amounts
  • Timesheet Analysis: details of all timesheets process on this payslip
  • Expenses Analysis: details of all expenses reimbursed on this payslip & any carried forward amounts

For any further information on payslips or any other questions you may have, please contact your Account Manager on 0800 848 8888.

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