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The world is fast becoming a global village and as such many people now work abroad both in the EU and further afield in non-EU countries, this includes UK contractors.

International contracting can be extremely lucrative for UK contractors as many countries pay much higher contracting rates than UK rates, for example Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

It is quite usual for international companies not to allow contractors to use their UK Umbrella company or their UK based limited company and in these situations, the ideal solution is an international umbrella company.

Contracting Internationally

Using an international umbrella company allows international contractors to maximise their returns and earnings whilst working abroad. Because of the diversity of contracts in different countries, international umbrella companies offer many different solutions tailored to individuals in order to maximise the earnings the contractor can take home. There is not a one size fits all option and these companies will work out a solution that suits your individual circumstances.

Having a well-established international umbrella company, with a wealth of offshore experience is key to getting the support you need.  

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    Tax Abroad

    Different countries have different tax rules and too often international contractors play it safe through lack of knowledge which results in them paying more tax than necessary.

    International umbrella companies who operate in several countries have extensive knowledge of tax rules for a variety of countries and know the best tax solutions for international contractors. They create individual solutions based on the tax rules of the country where the contract work takes place and the tax rules of the country where the contractor is usually resident.

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